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Team Members

The HoStIr team consists of the P.I. Lisa Orme, and two postdoctoral researchers.

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Dr Lisa Orme

Principle Investigator

Lisa’s research has investigated Holocene storminess in Europe, using wind-blown deposits of sand preserved within coastal peatlands. During her masters and PhD research she worked on peatlands in Scotland, Wales and Spain and used storminess records from these regions to build a picture of past storm track shifts.


After her PhD Lisa did a postdoc at the Norwegian Polar Institute developing records of past sea surface temperature in the North Atlantic and Southern Ocean.


Lisa now works at Maynooth University in the ICARUS Climate Research Centre as part of the Geography department. She is currently leading the HoStIr project and the PCARB project, a study of long-term changes in past and future carbon accumulation by Irish blanket bogs.

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Dr Sean Pyne-O'Donnell

Post-doctoral researcher

Sean has a background studying past climate and environmental change in peatlands, lakes and oceans. He has an interest in proxy indicators of climate change impacts such as testate amoebae in bogs and accompanying changes in sediment chemistry. He also uses tephrochronology (far-travelled volcanic ash layers; tephra layers) as time-lines to precisely link and date palaeoenvironmental changes which are often abrupt and of short duration. Such layers are often well represented in sediments such as Irish peatlands. 

Sean has worked as a postdoc in Singapore, Belfast, Bergen and London. Now at Maynooth University, he works in the ICARUS Climate Research Centre as part of the HoStIr team, which seeks to quantify and date impacts of Holocene storminess using palaeorecords preserved in Atlantic coast Irish bogs.

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Post-doctoral researcher

We will soon be advertising for a second postdoctoral researcher to conduct work strand 3, a data-model comparison of past storminess. 

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