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HoStIr: Holocene Storminess in Ireland

The HoStIr palaeoclimate research project is investigating how and why storminess has changed over recent millennia in Ireland

Slea head kerry ireland in a storm.jpg


HoStIr is a research project, funded by the Irish Research Council, that is investigating past storminess in Ireland.

Peat sediments preserved in bogs hold evidence of what the climate was like at the time that the peat accumulated on the bog surface, with peat records spanning thousands of years. In the HoStIr project we will sample peat cores from bogs along the west coast of Ireland and analyse them to identify past changes in storminess over time.

A comparison with other palaeoclimate records, and a data-model comparison of past storminess, will help us to understand the response of storminess to changes in climate and the key drivers of storminess variability.

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